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Things To Do


The Moors called their al-Gharb the Sunset Land, and visitors have been waxing lyrical ever since. Blessed with a mild winter climate and a sunny disposition, Portugal’s playground province remains one of the most popular year-round holiday destinations in southern Europe. Lively coastal resorts spill over ribbons of golden sand in sharp contrast to the quiet villages of the hinterland, where history and tradition go hand in hand.


A paradise for golfers, sun seekers or families waning a winter get away, the Algarve has it all and our villas offer the perfect base to explore this wonderful region.


Our guide will give you an overview of some of the things to do and see as well as the best places in our opinion to eat and drink. We hope you find our tips useful and informative.


We have also supplied you with guides of how to get here, transers, car hire etc.

Please take your time to explore our website and if there is questions still outstanding after browsing the pages then contact us and we will do out best to answer them for you.


Whether you are a first time visitor to the Algarve or a regular there are always new things and places to discover. We have included a blog on the website to keep you up to date with events and news.


Our villas will provide you with a bit of luxury and place of tranquility after a long day golfing, watersporting, walking, shopping or whatever else you want to do and we are positive you will enjoy your stay with us at Algarve Villas.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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